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Owners of torrent trackers, torrent search engines, etc can earn money with our affiliate program.
You will get up to 50% of everything visitors from your sites spend including rebills.

Visitors can be sent from links like “download this torrent via direct link” or banners which you can find in the affiliate area. We have special promo pages where you can input a torrent name or link to it and the torrent will appear at the download section of a user after they sign up.

Payouts are made bi-monthly on the 1th and 16th with two weeks hold. So, for the fist half of the month payments are made on 1, and for the second half of the month payments are made on the 16 next month. The minimal payout is $100. We pay via WebMoney (no fee), Wire Transfer ($40 fee), ePassporte (2% fee) and PayPal (5% fee, delay up to 5 days).

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.